Photos and Amami Oshima Tourist Guide (Brochure)
Digital Downloading Terms and Conditions

Amami Archipelago Tourism and Products Association (hereafter referred to as “the Association”) authorizes the use of images provided in the Goonto Amami “Photo Gallery” (hereafter referred to as “the Images”) and Amami Oshima Tourist Guide (English Version) (hereafter referred to as “the Brochure”) on the condition that the user complies with the following Terms of Conditions.  Please confirm the Terms and Conditions and fill out the application form upon downloading.

1. Purpose of Use

The Images and the Brochure are provided free of charge by the Association to be used for PR activities to promote tourism of Amami Islands.  Upon using such Images, the user is therefore required to fully understand the purpose of Amami Islands tourism promotion and cooperate to widely inform the general public.  There are no restrictions on browsing.  Please enjoy the somewhat nostalgic scenery of the Amami Islands.

2. Copyright

The copyright of the Images and the Brochure belong to the Association.  Thus, with the exceptions permitted by the copyright law, use of these Images without permission (including reuse, reproduction, sales, and loaning) is prohibited.

3. Licensing

The Association authorizes the download and the use of the Images free of charge to users who 1) agree and comply with the Terms and Conditions, then 2) submit an application with particular Images and the purpose of use.  The user is required to make a new request when using the same image for a different purpose.

4. Alteration

(1) The user is allowed to trim and crop the Images to the minimum extent necessary depending on the purpose.  Trimming and cropping that are unrelated with the purpose of tourism promotion or a combination of unrelated images, however, are prohibited.
(2) Changing the initial impression of an image, by methods such as color tone correction, are prohibited.
(3) Avoid using an image by enlarging it if it significantly damages the initial impression due to insufficient data volume.
(4) Due to factors such as the shooting time, etc. the image may differ from the actual subject.  Please use the Images as a reference.

5. Credit and Copyright Notices

The use of downloaded Images shall be accompanied by an appropriate credit such as “Photos provided by Amami Archipelago Tourism and Products Association. 
< Display Example >
© Amami Archipelago Tourism and Products Association
© can be substituted with “Photos provided by:” or “Copyright:” 

6. Prohibitions

Use of the Images is strictly prohibited in the following cases:
(1) The user must not use the image in a way that offends public order and morals.
(2) The user must not infringe on the rights, property, privacy, etc. of others.
(3) The user must not use the image on websites undesirable for a minor or with adult content.
(4) The user must not use the image for a logo mark of a company or organization.
(5) The user must not use the image to make and sell items containing merchantability in itself, i.e., the sale of postcards, calendars, or digital data collections.
(6) The user must not use the image for a label and/or package of an individual merchandise, i.e., drink, confectionery, souvenir, nor commercialize products using the image.
(7) The user must not attach a direct link to the image on this site.
(8) The user must not sell or distribute works created using the materials on this site.
(9)Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Association.

7. Cancellation of License

If a user is deemed to have violated the Terms and Conditions, the Association may revoke the permission.  The user may be asked for compensation for damages caused by copyright infringement depending on the context.

8. Disclaimer

The user will use the Images on his/her own responsibility.  The Association or image/information providers do not have any responsibility for damages or losses arising out of the use of the Images.

9. Others

Please contact the Association if you have any further questions.  The other Japanese brochure “Goonto Amami” is for viewing only.  Its images cannot be downloaded or used.