About Amami-Oshima Island

Amami Oshima is an island located 380 km south of Kagoshima City with a coastline of 461 km.  It has a population of 59,000 and is divided into the city of Amami, the towns of Tatsugo and Setouchi, and the villages of Yamato and Uken. Amami Oshima’s nature is rich, diverse, and rare.  It has the second largest mangrove forest in Japan and is home to endemic and endangered species such as Amami rabbits.  The islanders have treasured and preserved old island culture and scenery.  You can see and experience “shima-uta” island folksongs, traditional “hachi-gatsu-odori” dances, and traditional crafts such as “oshima-tsumugi” silk fabric.

How to access

》Access by air

Amami Oshima is easily accessed from Japan’s major airports such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.  It’s also a gateway to other attractive Amami islands by sea or air.

Departure / arrivalAIRLINESNumber of flightsFlight time
TOKYO(HANEDA)JAL1flight a dayAbout 120 minutes
TOKYO(NARITA)Peach1flight a dayAbout 120 minutes
OSAKA (ITAMI)JAL1flight a dayAbout 90 minutes
OSAKA(KANSAI)Peach1flight a dayAbout 90 minutes
FUKUOKAJAL1flight a dayAbout 100 minutes
KAGOSHIMASKY2flight a dayAbout 50 minutes
KAGOSHIMAJAL8flight a dayAbout 50 minutes
KIKAIJIMAJAL3flight a dayAbout 20 minutes
TOKUNOSHIMAJAL2flight a dayAbout 30 minutes
YORONJAL1flight a dayAbout 40 minutes
OKINAWAJAL1flight a dayAbout 60 minutes

》Access by sea

The Amami islands are served by two ferry companies, Marix Line and Maru-A Ferry, both of which run between Kagoshima and Okinawa via the islands on alternating days.  Ferry Kakeroma connects Amami Oshima with Kakeroma-jima Island, directly south of Amami, from Koniya Port in Setouchi Town. Similarly, Ferry Setonami connects Amami with Uke-jima Island and Yoro-jima Island.

》Operation information

Please check the website of each company for detailed operation information.

JAPAN AIRLINEShttps://www.jal.co.jp
Peach Aviationhttps://www.flypeach.com/
SKYMARK AIRLINEShttps://www.skymark.co.jp/ja/
MARIX LINEhttps://www.marixline.com/
Setouchi-cho officehttps://www.town.setouchi.lg.jp/senpaku/kotsu.html

》Other island